ZyWALL USG1100/1900 Unified Security Gateway 
ZyWALL USG1100/1900
Unified Security Gateway
As a business grows, so does the scope of its network. New users and devices
connect at an ever-increasing rate. Add to this an array of applications, like
cloud-based services, and one begins to understand the challenge facing
today’s enterprises. It’s a continuous cycle — demand for high network
availability increases alongside the need for more Internet access, not to
mention additional user controls and improved security measures.
The ZyWALL USG Series is a line of UTM firewalls designed to meet this
challenge head-on withhighavailability, anti-malware protection, access
management, and consolidated policy enforcement for medium- to
large-sized businesses and campuses. The Zyxel USG Extreme Series
provides WAN and VPN load balancing, failover to ensure nonstop business
communications, and our Hotspot Management solution for secure network
connectivity with easy access.
Powerful, Robust and Always-Online
ZyWALL USG Series delivers high-access quality to help businesses satisfy
the demand for always-online communications. For internal deployments,
the USG Extreme Series provides active-passive High-Availability (HA)
service to support device or connection failover. With Device HA Pro service,
the ZyWALL USG Series also supports instant failover, so connections are
always maintained when a failover event occurs.
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