ArubA Ap-65 Access point 
The Aruba AP-65 is a dual radio (dual-band concurrent 802.11a plus b/g) high-performance indoor wireless access point capable of supporting multiple functions including WLAN access, air monitoring/wireless intrusion detection and prevention, and secure enterprise mesh across the 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5 GHz RF spectrums. The AP-65 access point supports diverse deployment options, delivering secure enterprise mobility services and applications for high-performance enterprise and campus environments, branch offices and retail spaces, as well as deployments over public and private networks as a Remote Access Point. Centrally managed from an Aruba mobility controller, the AP-
65 empowers the network administrator with unparalleled control over services, security and deployment models. The AP-65 supports dual, integral, high-performance omni-directional multi-band antennas. Its discretely packaged and lightweight design allows it
to blend into an enterprise or retail environment with ease.
Downliad AP-65 Dual Radio 802.11abg.pdf


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