- Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 and HX245c M6 All Flash Nodes

Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 and HX245c M6 All Flash Nodes 
Simplicity you can build on'With hybrid small-form-factor (SFF) and large-form-factor (LFF), or all-flash-memory storage configurations and cloud-based management, Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 Nodes are deployed as a preintegrated cluster with a unified pool of resources that you can quickly provision, adapt, scale, and manage to efficiently power your applications and your business (Figure 1). Based on AMD EPYC™ processors, these systems have worldrecord-setting processors with up to 128 cores per node and up to 4 TB of memory per node.

Cisco HyperFlex HX245 M6 Node family
The Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 Node family delivers high disk capacity (up to 28 drives) in a 2-socket, 2RU package ideal for storage-intensive applications. Physically, the system is delivered as a cluster of three or more Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 Nodes or Cisco HyperFlex HX245c M6 All Flash Nodes. The nodes are
integrated into a single system by a pair of Cisco UCS 6300 or 6400 Series Fabric Interconnects, creating
clusters that deliver the performance and storage capacity needed by workloads. All nodes in the cluster use AMD EPYC CPUs.

Hybrid configurations
The HX245 M6 Node family can be deployed with various Cisco UCS B-series blade servers and C-series rack
servers to create a hybrid cluster. Incorporating AMD EPYC processors, these Cisco HyperFlex HX-series
nodes offer an excellent choice. Cloud-based management makes it easy for you to scale your cluster to
support more workloads and deliver the performance, bandwidth, and low latency that your users and
applications need.

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