WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series 
WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series
best-of-breed securitY
■ Application-layer content inspection recognizes & blocks threats that stateful packet firewalls cannot detect.
■ Powerful subscription-based security services boost protection in critical attack areas for multiple
layers of defense. By partnering with leading technology providers, WatchGuard is able to integrate
best-of-breed security components into one UTM platform for stronger security at big cost savings.
– APT Blocker is a cloud-based service that uses a combination of sandboxing and full system emulation
to detect and block highly sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
– Application Control keeps unproductive, inappropriate, and dangerous applications off-limits.
– Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS ) delivers in-line protection from malicious exploits, including
buffer overflows, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting attacks.
– WebBlocker controls access to sites that host objectionable material or pose network security risks.
– Gateway AntiVirus (GAV) scans traffic on all major protocols to stop threats.
– spamBlocker delivers continuous protection from unwanted and dangerous email.
– Reputation Enabled Defense ensures faster, safer web surfing with cloud-based reputation look-up.
– Data Loss Prevention (DLP) automatically inspects data in motion for corporate policy violations.
■ Multiple VPN choices (IPSec, SSL, L2TP) for secure remote access include support for Android and Apple
iOS devices.
easY to manaGe
■ Interactive, real-time monitoring and reporting – at no additional charge – give an unprecedented
view into network security activity so you can take immediate preventive or corrective actions.
■ WatchGuard Dimension™, a public and private cloud-ready visibility solution, instantly turns raw
data into security intelligence.
■ RapidDeploy™ enables quick, secure configuration at remote locations without technical staff.
■ Intuitive management console centrally manages all security functions.
■ WAN and VPN failover provide redundancy for increased reliability.
■ Extend best-in-class UTM security to the WLAN by adding WatchGuard’s Wireless Access Points.
■ Drag-and-drop Branch Office VPN setup – three clicks and your remote office is connected.
HiGHest utm performance in tHe industrY
■ Firewall throughput of up to 540 Mbps and UTM throughput of 108 Mbps to keep traffic moving.
■ No need to compromise protection for strong performance or vice versa. Multi-layered, interlocking
security protects the network while throughput remains high.
■ Gigabit Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures & gigabit WAN connections.
wired or wireless – Your cHoice
■ Wireless models include optional dual-band 802.11/n technology for much more responsive
wireless network connection and expanded range. 2.4 GHz or less crowded 5 GHz band.
■ Multiple security zones give administrators precise control over Internet access privileges for
different user groups.
■ Wireless guest services segment the Internet for customers/guests.

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