ArubA AP-124 And AP-125 Access POints 
ArubA AP-124 And AP-125 Access POints
The multifunction AP-124 and AP-125 are ultra-high-performance indoor
802.11n access points (APs) designed for maximum deployment flexibility
in high-density environments that require above-ceiling or enclosure-based
installations. These high-speed APs deliver wire-like performance at data
rates up to 300 Mbps per radio.
The AP-124 features two 3x3 MIMO dual-band 2.4-GHz/5-GHz radios with
detachable antenna interfaces while the AP-125 features the same radios
with integrated antenna elements. Both are built to provide years of trouble-
free operation and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Ordering inFOrMAtiOn
Part number description
AP-124 Aruba 124 AP (802.11a/n + b/g/n)
AP-125 Aruba 125 AP (802.11a/n + b/g/n)
AP-AC-NA-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - North America
AP-AC-JPN-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - Japan
AP-AC-UK-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - United Kingdom
AP-AC-IT-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - Italy
AP-AC-EC-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - Schuko
AP-AC-AUS-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - Australia
AP-AC-LA-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - North America 2 Prong
AP-AC-CHN-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - China
AP-AC-IN-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - India
AP-AC-KOR-2 AC Power Adapter Kit - Korea
AP-120-MNT Aruba 120 Family Wireless Access Point
desktop/wall/ceiling mounting kit
AP-120-MNT-WJ Mounting hardware kit and product enclosure
to facilitate secure wall or ceiling mounting of
an Aruba AP-121 or AP-125 access point to a
standard North American or BS telecom/data
port wall gang box, or to a 15/16” or 9/16” ceiling
tile rail.
AP-120-MNT-CV Cabling cover mounting kit to facilitate tamper-
proof mounting of an Aruba AP-121 or AP-125
access point.
AP-ANT-xx Detachable antennas (for use with AP-124 only)

Downliad DS_AP124-125.pdf


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