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Aruba Instant 
Aruba Instant
Aruba Instant is a simple, easy to deploy turn-key WLAN solution consisting of one or more access points. An
Ethernet port with routable connectivity to the Internet is the only network infrastructure required to deploy the
Aruba Instant wireless network. Aruba Instant is specifically designed for easy deployment and proactive
management of networks for small customers or remote locations without an on-site IT administrator.
Aruba Instant consists of at least one Instant Access Point (IAP) and a Virtual Controller (VC). The virtual controller
resides within one of the access points. In Aruba Instant deployment only the first IAP needs to be configured. After
the first IAP is deployed, the subsequent IAPs will inherit all required information from the virtual controller. An Aruba
Instant network can support upto 16 IAPs and 256 users.
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